Mr Marrash's Physics Classes

Who am I?

The Head Mouse
It all Started with a Mouse

A Honey of a Bear
Crystal Palace

Summer Fun
Love the Surf

The pipes
Music to my ears

My Philosophy:

In Order to Learn We must make
Mistakes, so we need to embrace
and learn form our mistakes

We all make them, so lets
learn from them to improve

Purpose of School:
The Commonwealth Requires the Education of the People as a Safeguard of Liberty and Order
Boston Public Libary
Bolyston Street

Welcome to Physics

Flower of Scotland
The Flower of Scotland

We are on this Journey Together

We All Learn Together

Double Rainbow by JR

Double Rainbow by AJ

My StarFleet Collection

Physics is Phun

Learning Tips

In Class

  1. Ask Questions
  2. Listen Actively
  3. Listen Critically
  4. Take Notes
  5. Come in for Help
  6. Be Engaged

At Home

  1. Read the Text
  2. Outline the Reading
  3. Write Down Your Questions
  4. Do the Homework
  5. Get 8 hours of sleep
  6. Eat Healthy
  7. Exercise